Saturnz barz lyrics – Gorillaz

Saturnz barz lyrics

Saturnz barz lyrics

Released on 23rd march of 2017 Saturnz Barz Lyrics is one of the hit song produced by Gorillaz.

You can watch out the video of Saturnz Barz on YouTube where II the song has more than 89.7 million views in just 2 years. The director of Saturnz Barz Lyrics is Jamie Hewlett and the producer of Saturnz Barz is Cara Speller. In the Saturnz Barz, popcaan is also featured and it is from the album called humanz.

Saturnz barz lyrics

When you will see this song Saturnz Barz then the video is fully animated like cartoon Android begins with showing an old house which is a little bit broken and then just a car comes outside that house which is a red Fiat designed car from which 3-4 dudes comes out and then there ring the doorbell where outside is the rainy season.

And then they all enter the house and one thing will be seen in the video that the house in which they all enter is completely broken and looks more like a haunting house and then the girl from this group find out a music system there and then she puts a disc on it to play the song.

And after that the song Saturnz Barz starts from there.

And here below are the Saturnz Barz Lyrics :

Here in this post is the first half of the Saturnz Barz Lyrics and in the other image is the second and final part of the Saturnz Barz Lyrics.

So here in this post we have tried to give a quick overview of the song Saturnz Barz Lyrics and we hope that you have seen all the Saturnz Barz Lyrics from this post of us.

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