Revenge Lyrics (Minecraft Song)

Revenge Lyrics

Revenge Lyrics

With more than approx 220 Million views on the Youtube, the Revenge Minecraft Song is one of the hit songs from the year 2011 and now here in this post we have mentioned all thew Revenge Lyrics in this post.

 And the Revenge Lyrics is created from the original song of Usher feat Pitbull which is ” DJ Got Us Fallin” but now it has all the become the favorite Minecraft song .

From here starts the “Revenge Lyrics” as we have mentioned all the images containing all the Revenge Lyrics which you can download easily read all Revenge Lyrics.

Now this is the first part of the Revenge Lyrics and in the next image is the second part of the Revenge Lyrics.

This image shows the second part of the Revenge Lyrics and now the next image has the third part of the Revenge Lyrics.

 And now is the final part of the Revenge Lyrics which is shown in the image given below

So ,here we have mentioned all the Revenge Lyrics with the image form so that you can download these easily and can share them with your friends.

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