Humble Lyrics By Kendrick Lamar


Released on 30 March 2017 by non other than Kendrick Lamar the Humble Song was super hit and here we will talk about the “Humble Lyrics” which are just fire. The Humble lyrics by Kendrick Lamar has more than 687 Million Views on the Youtube Platform which itself shows how much the song is loved by the people.

Humble Lyrics : Review

The video of Humble lyrics is available on the youtube and starts with a TDS Production in just beginning. After that the Humble Lyrics song start where Kendrick Lamar is standing in a spot light in a large auditorium or theatre wearing a white gown type clothing or something like that.

Then the video song continues where he is laying on a big pack of money where there are 2 or 3 more people counting the money from currency note calculator. Well, It looks likes a kind of pride and showing off stuff related song ( Humble Lyrics ) by Kendrick Lamar

And then after he is found cycling and singing on the road which is done with a little bit of editing as that scene seems like taken from a 360 camera or with those effect. The lyrics of the Humble Lyrics are savage where Kendrick Lamar is found.

The editing of the song is just insane and we saying that because in a scene of Humble lyrics ,Kendrick is found having fire on his head and on the other side is scene taken from the drone where he is playing golf with a lot of balls collected on a car roof. And Now you can understand the way Humble Song is designed.


The image below has all the lyrics of Humble written for you guys, here you can download this and enjoy the Humble Lyrics :

So here are the 4 parts of Humble Lyrics you guys can see well,we hope so.


1. So a guy after hearing the “Humble Lyrics” said that this song made him read all the terms and conditions.

2.  And a person named Kundan Garg on youtube said that “don’t ask us who is listening to this song in year 2019 the truth is we never left hearing this song and now people can understand that how hit the Humble Lyrics are in the youths.

Most of the review said that the song made them do and take things in rewind just like a person said the “song makes me wanna tell my teacher to do his homework” and here you can understand that how much the Humble Lyrics are popular still in 2019.

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