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In the last five years the system of Indian Railway has been completely transformed by the Indian government. Everything in the Indian railway has been developed by the government featuresin a very short period of time and we can say that the government has spent a lot of money on the infrastructure for a better Railway system. Etrain is also one of the most amazing facility for the passengers of Indian Railway across the country as it is just an application  which has complete railway information as all things are available on the Internet and that’s why it is called Etrain.

Etrain is available for free on Google play store where you can get the complete information related to the Indian Railway

Features of Etrain are :

Etrain ( feature 1 ) In Etrain the first feature of this application is that you can check all the trains between the stations with their seat availability their schedule and with the respected fare of the journey by ticket of the train.

Etrain ( feature 2 ) On the Etrain app you can check the PNR status of the book tickets in the Indian Railway with perfect waitlist prediction of your journey tickets by Etrain from your mobile phone in just few seconds.

Etrain ( feature 3 )On the Etrain app you can also check the complete time table for the train schedule according to your journey and the train you prefer with complete availability of the seats in the train and also its route map.

Etrain ( feature 4 ) – The another feature of Etrain ab is that you can rightly spot your train or you can track the current live running status of your train so that you can pack your bags according to that.

Etrain ( feature 5 ) – you can book OK your train tickets at any station by the current availability for current booking availability feature of Etrain.

Etrain ( feature 6 ) – by this option of Etrain, you can also check that which train is currently on the station in hurry time.

Etrain ( feature 7 ) – you can check the historical running data of all the trains from all the stations to find your suitable one and to check the track record of the train so that you can choose the best one for you and your journey.

Other benefits of Etrain are :

By Etrain  you can chat other routes to reach your destination if the trains are not available from any particular route and with the help of Etrain you can also check the seat map of the coach layout till now there you are going to set or what is the position of your seat in the coach.

This app is available free of cost on Google play store from where you can download it for free.

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