Congratulations Lyrics – By Post Malone

Congratulations Lyrics

Congratulations Lyrics

Post Malone has always given a unique taste in the music industry from many years and now here we are gonna talk about one of the most hit song by Post Malone which is Congratulations Lyrics and it was released in 2017 and now it has more than 1.1 Billion views on youtube and by knowing this you can understand how much people like this Congratulations Lyrics.

Post Malone is one of the most famous singer all over the world and have approx 19.5 Million followers on Instagram. The Song “Congratulations Lyrics” was made by this tattoo guy Malone approx 2 years ago where he talk about the harsh reality of life,by this song called Congratulations Lyrics.

Congratulations Lyrics – Meaning

The Congratulations Lyrics were on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 2017. The lyrics of song Congratulations are just a dose of motivation of doing something great or we can say that it is all about the success and the price paid for it by the hardwork for years.

A line comes in Congratulations Lyrics in which Post Malone say ” Now all they is Congratulations , They never had dedication” and by this he is saying that the people around him never had dedication and when he is famous now than all those people says “Congratulations” and this is why this song is named “Congratulations Lyrics”.

And then another line comes in Congratulations Lyrics which is ” My mamma called,seen you on tv, said shit done changed ever we was on” and here is telling that when is mamma saw him on tv show then she called him and started saying that we knew that you were capable of doing this and all that congratulating and praising stuff.

Then in next line he says “I dreamed it all ever since I was young, they said I wouldn’t be anything” but here in this line of Congratulations Lyrics ,he says that this was all he dreamed about from the beginning but the all never believed in him and always said that you will be nothing in future but now when I am what I dreamed, they all started calling me and saying sugar coated things.

Then he talks in next line of Congratulations Lyrics where he says that ” They were never friendy, Now I’m jumping out of Bentley ” and here wants to tell or convey the harsh truth that when he was struggling in the beginning all the people around him were never familier with him but now when he is successfull and driving luxury like Bentley then all those people are coming and asking for favour and trying to show that they were always there for him.

Congratulations Lyrics

So in this post we have shown all the images containing all the Congratulations Lyrics by Post Malone and we have also tried to show the meaning of these Congratulations Lyrics to you guys. Hope You guys really enjoyed this post.

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